We’re on the brink of summer! Flowers are blooming, the air is fresh and clean…but what about that shed? Has your shed turned into a House of Horrors over the long winter months? Not to fear! You can brighten your shed in a one weekend project by following these easy, guide for spring. Soon, your shed will be fresh as a bluebird sky!



Take a look around your shed. Does it need a fresh layer of paint? Are there any holes in the walls? Could you use some updated storage? Time to head to the store! Think about what kind of organization would make you feel happiest. The more you like spending time in your shed, the more likely you are to use the items you keep there. Here’s some recommended shopping list:

  • Clear plastic totes, varying sizes, for miscellaneous items
  • Sharpies
  • A few sheets of masonite pegboard
  • A combination box with an array of different types of hangers for the pegboard



Let’s face it, if you’re reading this blog, it’s probably been awhile since you last cleaned your shed. There’s no shame in that. Now’s your time to  really dig in and knock out this two-day project!

First, if you’re shed is super cluttered, get everything out. Everything. Dump it in heaps or organize it right away, just do what you need to in order to get your shed down to its skivvies. Once you have everything out:

  • Check for critters! Have any winter pests made your shed their home? If so, get repellants or traps.
  • Check for holes. Even if you didn’t see any creatures creeping in your shed, it’s a good idea to check the walls and floor.
  • Dance with a broom: sweep, vacuum, or even mop your shed until it shines! Don’t forget those cobwebs! You don’t need those organic Halloween decorations in the Spring! Send those spiders packing.


Shed is clean! Good job! Next, organize all your tools, supplies, and thingamabobs into seasonal groups. Fall and winter may have big rakes, shovels, de-icer, and snow gear. Spring and summer will have gardening gloves, seeds, lawn tools, and more. Keep a sharp eye out for junk and things you don’t need. Either donate these items or pitch them.

As you do this first pass, take a peek at your tools. Do any need sharpening or replacing? Now is a good time to note that.

Getting organized inside:

  • Spring and summer items should stay the most accessible. Keep these items in arms’ reach so you can use your shed easily.
  • Hang the pegboard and accessory kit to help secure tools to the walls. This frees up ground and shelf space for other items.
  • Use those clear totes for any miscellaneous items. Make sure you label what goes in!
  • Utilize ALL your space! Look high and low. Is it time to build some shelves? Could you use rope and pulleys to hoist rarely-used items, like an extra bike or snow gear, out of the way? Think outside the (literal) box!



Saturday was a big day! Sunday will be a little easier. Today:

  • Check the roof. Pull out the ladder and clear debris from the roof. Check for any needed repairs.
  • Clear leaves and yard junk away from the base of your shed. This gives the building room to drain from the spring showers, making rot and other damage less likely.
  • Fix any holes in the exterior walls. Do they need some TLC?
  • Power wash or paint the outside of your shed.  Make it shine!


Use the rest of Sunday to finish up anything leftover from Saturday, or jaunt to the store for new items you need.


And tada!!! That’s it! Enjoy your spring-fresh shed!

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