The Amish made Value Gable Shed is the same basic structure as our Standard Gable shed except the floor has 2″ x 4″ joists 16″ on center and uses 5/8″ thick OSB flooring. Also, the sidewall studs are on 2′ centers and are covered with 3/8″ Smart Panel siding.  With double doors on the end wall, the Value Gable Shed is a traditional shed design perfectly suited for storing lawn tractors and other equipment. Side-walls come standard at 6’ tall on our Value Gable shed, which means you’ll have the headroom you need, regardless of your height.

They are available in 17 different sizes from a small 8′ x 8′ to a spacious 12′ x 24′ ideal for projects, storage or a home office in the backyard. The Wood Value Shed – Gable Style comes standard with a 4′ double door on 8′ wide buildings and 5′ double doors on 10′ and 12′ buildings.  A variety of options are available including windows,wood flower boxes, Plastic shutters, cupolas,  and extra door.  There is a 2″ overhang on Value sheds.

Pre-Cut Kits: The Value Gable Shed comes with all wood pre-cut to exact lengths. You must assemble the pieces into sections and then put the sections together. Recommended for experienced users. All hardware and screws are included.

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SizeInside HeightFloor SizeOutside WidthOutside DepthDoor OpeningOutside Height Sidewall HeightShed with no FloorShed with Floor Kit
8′ x 8′101″8′ x 8′8′ 1″8′ 1″48″ x 72″107″76.5″
8′ x 10′101″8′ x 10′8′ 1″10′ 1″48″ x 72″107″76.5″
8′ x 12′101″8′ x 12′8′ 1″12′ 1″48″ x 72″107″76.5″
8′ x 14′101″8′ x 14′8′ 1″14′ 1″48″ x 72″107″76.5″
8′ x 16′101″8′ x 16′8′ 1″16′ 1″48″ x 72″107″76.5″
10′ x 10′101″10′ x 10′10′ 1″10′ 1″60″ x 72″113″76.5″
10′ x 12′101″10′ x 12′10′ 1″12′ 1″60″ x 72″113″76.5″
10′ x 14′101″10′ x 14′10′ 1″14′ 1″60″ x 72″113″76.5″
10′ x 16′101″10′ x 16′10′ 1″16′ 1″60″ x 72″113″76.5″
10′ x 18′101″10′ x 18′10′ 1″18′ 1″60″ x 72″113″76.5″
10′ x 20′101″10′ x 20′10′ 1″20′ 1″60″ x 72″113″76.5″
12′ x 12′101″12′ x 12′12′ 1″12′ 1″60″ x 72″117″76.5″
12′ x 14′101″12′ x 14′12′ 1″14′ 1″60″ x 72″117″76.5″
12′ x 16′101″12′ x 16′12′ 1″16′ 1″60″ x 72″117″76.5″
12′ x 18′101″12′ x 18′12′ 1″18′ 1″60″ x 72″117″76.5″
12′ x 20′101″12′ x 20′12′ 1″20′ 1″60″ x 72″117″76.5″
12′ x 24′101″12′ x 24′12′ 1″24′ 1″60″ x 72″117″76.5″

There is  2″ overhang on the Value Sheds.  Kits are pre-cut, primed, labeled and ready for paint. You will only need basic carpentry skills and a few basic tools.

Value Gable Shed Features:

  • 6′ high front and back walls
  • 4′ double doors on 8′ wide buildings
  • 5′ double doors on 10′ & 12′ buildings
  • 2′ x 4′ wall framing 24″ on center
  • 2′ x 4′ trusses 24″ on center
  • SmartSide Siding with a 5/50 year warranty
  • Primed and ready for paint
  • High quality manufactured trim
  • Aluminum corner trim
  • Trim and siding is 98% pre-primed
  • All fasteners included
  • Swivel door latch (no lock & key)
  • The first number of the building size is the truss size (ex. 8 x 10 building the truss is 8′ wide)
  • Link to an excellent downloadable instruction manual
  • All pieces pre-cut and ready to assemble
  • All nails & screws included

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You provide the following:

  • Shingles
  • Drip Edge
  • Paint
  • Floor (if building is not purchased with floor kit)

Optional floor kit:

  • Treated 2 x 4’s 16” (OC) for base
  • 4 x 8 5/8 OSB Flooring
  • floor size should be exactly the same size as the building
  • To build your own floor, the size of the floor will need to be the exact size of the Barn
  • We recommend a crushed stone base 1′ wider on either side of the Barn
  • The siding overlaps the side of the wood floor roughly 3″ and there is no moisture barrier.  You can put this on a cement slab or wood floor – but accommodate for this
  • You can retrofit for this but we do not provide instructions for this

Note:  People ask why the kits do not come with shingles, drip edge, floor and paint. All of these items can be easily purchased at a local home improvement store at prices far less than if they were included with the kits, which have to be shipped to your location. By letting you obtain these items, we save you significantly. In addition, you can select exactly the type of shingles you want and paint that is the color(s) of your choosing. Many people like to paint their shed to match their home.

The base price for the Value Gable shed does not include shipping or the optional floor kit. Shipping is based on what state the shed is delivered. Shipping is separated out from the price of the shed and is not subject to state taxes in California & Colorado only. Purchases from all other states are not taxed.

Should I Buy a Floor KitYou can either provide your own floor or cement slab to set the shed on or purchase the Floor Kit with your shed purchase.  

Guaranteed lowest price. We will not be undersold. Call us to match any other price you find.

Product Specs

  • 2' x 4' trusses 24" on center
  • 2' x 4' wall framing 24" on center
  • 4' double doors on 8' wide buildings
  • 6' high front and back walls
  • SmartSide Siding with a 5/50 year warranty
  • Trim and siding is 98% pre-primed

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