Ezee Shed 10 x 8 with 72″ Walls

The Ezee Shed 10 x 8 is a galvanized steel shed that builds quickly with the patented Snap-It™ Quick Assembly system. Its unique design cuts the hardware needed down by 50% – and with 50% fewer parts assembly is faster. With reinforced the steel walls the shed is stronger overall. The overlapping Snap-IT™ panels connects every 12″ making it better at resisting dents and damage. The shed is also fully framed, so there are no exposed panel ends.  You can purchase a unit with same panel and trim color, or to highlight the trim by choosing contrasting colors. With swing doors the Ezee Shed makes getting large items in and out of your shed easy. It has pad-lockable handles on the doors. The Ezee Shed offers extra headroom, added storage space and a steeper roof pitch for more headroom and storage space. The unit also features gable vents allowing for better air circulation throughout the unit, reducing humidity inside your shed in hot summer months.

Ezee Shed 10 x 8 Specifications:

  • Galvanized Steel
  • Swing Doors
  • Size: 10′ x 8′
  • Storage Area: 71 square feet
  • Assembled Exterior Dimensions: 117.75″ x 98″ x 98″
  • Assembled Interior Dimensions: 114″ x 90″ x 97″
  • Door opening: 63.5″
  • Door Height: 69.75″
  • Wall Height: 72″
  • 12 Year Limited Warranty

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Optional Floor Kit:

  • Easy to install
  • Includes four steel corner gussets and perimeter clips
  • Lag bolts building directly into concrete slab
  • 1/4 inch masonry drill bit included
  • Price includes delivery

Arrow Shed Floor Frame Foundation Kits are lattice-like structures made of strong hot-dipped galvanized steel that is perfect for placing your storage shed on and gives you a structure to lay a plywood floor down on or fill with concrete prior to building your shed. Easy to assemble before you construct the building. No need for a traditional concrete or slab base, just perfectly level ground. A strong plastic sheet should be placed below the entire area covered by the foundation kit to prevent rising damp.

Note: For all foundation kits, finishing materials (plywood, concrete, etc). are not included

Optional Anchor Kits:

AK100 Concrete Anchor Kit

  • Easy to install
  • Includes four steel corner gussets and perimeter clips
  • Lag bolts building directly into concrete slab
  • 1/4 in. masonry drill bit included

AK4 Earth Anchor Kit

  • Easy to install
  • Includes four 30 in. heavy duty steel augers, 60 ft. of aircraft strength cable, and 4 cable clamps
  • Force of 1500 lbs. required to remove anchors from ground
  • May be used with any suggested base
  • No digging or concrete pouring required
  • Insert cables under roof
  • Feed cable over roof beams
  • Attach cable to clamps
  • Twist augers into ground

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Product Specs

  • 12 Year Limited Warranty
  • Assembled Exterior Dimensions: 117.75" x 98" x 98"
  • Assembled Interior Dimensions: 114" x 90" x 97"
  • Door Height: 69.75"
  • Door opening: 63.5"
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Size: 10' x 8'
  • Storage Area: 71 sq ft
  • Wall Height: 72"

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