The Duramax Duckbill Earth Anchor Kit, a patented labor and time saving device, works like a toggle bolt in soil. Drive the Duckbill into the ground (no holes, no digging and no concrete), providing a safe and environmentally friendly installation. With an upward pull on the anchor tendon it rotates the Duckbill into a perpendicular “anchor lock” position in undisturbed soil. The result is superb holding capacities. Therefore the Duramax Duckbill anchor system offers the most effective, lightweight and economical solutions to any anchoring application, large or small.

Anchor holding capacity will vary in different soils. Increased capacities can be expected in harder soil classes (numerically higher blow count classifications) and lower capacity can be expected in the softer soil classes (numerically lower blow count).

Anchors are rated in an average (class 5) soil condition. The rating is meant to be a reference for anchor selection. Proof-loading is the only way to insure the exact capacity of each installation.

Most Common Soil Types: Dense Fine Sand, Very Hard Silts and Clays, Dense Clays, Sands, Gravel, Hard Silts and Clays

  • Safe: There are no rods above ground
  • Strong: The earth anchor rotates into undisturbed soil for a secure hold.
  • Easy: Installation includes three simple steps- drive anchor to desired depth, remove drive steel and pull up on cable.

Duckbill Anchoring System Includes

  • (4) Four Duckbill Anchors
  • (5) Five U-Clamps
  • (1) One Reusable Steel Drive Rod

***Free shipping if ordered with your Duramax shed.  If you order the Earth Anchor Kit without purchasing a shed additional shipping will be added. Please call 1-800-987-4337 for a shipping quote.

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