Colonial Octagon 12 x 12 Garden Shed – Panelized Kit

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Fun, modern, and beautiful, the Colonial Octagon 12 x 12 Garden Shed is a great addition to any yard and perfect for any hobby gardener. Featuring dutch doors which work great for additional ventilation, this greenhouse is crafted from wood and arrives at your home in panelized sections for easy assembly. The floor-to-ceiling windows let in plenty of natural light and allows you to gaze into your greenhouse at anytime to see your greenery. With the Colonial Octagon 12 x 12 Garden Shed you have more than enough space to plant flowers, plants, or your favorite fruits, herbs and vegetables.

If you are looking for a modern take on the greenhouse that’s practical and simple to assemble, check out this wooden unit. The Garden Shed is built with a locking mechanism that allows you to get in and out of this structure with ease. As part of the DIY kit, the item includes a detailed list of instructions to put it together, as well as panelized sections and all the hardware needed. It has been designed to be both beautiful and functional, ensuring that all your plants have have a well-insulated place to grow throughout the seasons and that your family enjoys the benefits for many years to come.

Panelized Kits: The Shed comes in large panelized sections. Recommended for most users as it is easier to assemble and saves you significant time. Each panel is perfectly square & ready to assemble! All hardware and screws are included.

Colonial Octagon 12 x 12 Garden Shed Features:

  • Size: 12 ft. x 12 ft.
  • 6’ High sidewalls
  • Door opening: 34″ x 72″
  • 10″ x 18″ transom windows
  • 18″ x 22″ single hung working windows
  • Windows made of durable and safe tempered glass
  • Dutch door with window, colonial hinges, and latch
  • The Floor joist are 2 x 4’s – 16″ on center with 5/8″ plywood sheeting
  • The wall studs are 2 x 4’s – 16″ on center with 7/16″ LP Smartside siding
  • The roof trusses are 2 x 4’s –  24″ on center with 7/16″ OSB
  • Composite exterior trim for extra durability
  • Panelized wall sections
  • All other pieces are precut and ready to assemble
  • Cupola
  • Greenhouse Shelving
  • Hanging Rods

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You provide the following:

  • Shingles
  • Drip Edge
  • Paint

Note:  People ask why the kits do not come with shingles, drip edge, floor and paint. All of these items can be easily purchased at a local home improvement store at prices far less than if they were included with the kits, which have to be shipped to your location. By letting you obtain these items, we save you significantly. In addition, you can select exactly the type of shingles you want and paint that is the color(s) of your choosing. Many people like to paint their shed to match their home.

The base price for the Colonial Octagon Garden Shed does not include shipping or the optional floor kit. Shipping is based on what state the shed is delivered. Shipping is separated out from the price of the shed and is not subject to state taxes in California & Colorado only. Purchases from all other states are not taxed.

Guaranteed Lowest Price. We will not be undersold. Call us to match any other price you find.

More Info About Colonial Octagon 12 x 12 Garden Shed – Panelized Kit

Additional information

Dimensions 12 × 12 cm

10" x 18" transom windows, 18" x 22" single hung windows, 6' high sidewalls, Door Opening: 34" x 72", The Floor joist are 2 x 4's – 16" on center with 5/8" plywood sheeting, The roof trusses are 2 x 4's – 24" on center with 7/16" OSB Composite, The wall studs are 2 x 4's – 16" on center with 7/16" LP Smartside siding

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