“The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies.”
Gertrude Jekyll, 1843-1942

You may have seen the Google Doodle today (Nov 29, 2017) of Gertrude Jekyll, celebrating what would have been her 174th birthday. According to her Wikipedia page, Jekyll is remembered for “her outstanding designs and subtle, painterly approach to the arrangement of the gardens she created, particularly her ‘hardy flower borders.’… Jekyll was one of the first of her profession to take into account the colour, texture, and experience of gardens as the prominent authorities in her designs.” She designed over 400 gardens, her own line of flower vases, and wrote over 15 books in the late 1800s and early 1900s! That’s quite the accomplishment!


Wishing for that whimsical English Garden feel? Need to be embraced by vibrant color, bold lines, and indulge in a warm cup of tea away from the bustle of normal life?


We have your ticket. And it’s not far. You can have this right away in your backyard.


Check out our Arlington shed models for that perfect English Garden look. Your shed will be the quiet centerpiece of the garden. Tucked into the radiant flower beds, an Arlington will ground your gaze and transport you into a splendid English daydream.


Frame your Arlington shed with thick border gardens. In true Gertrude Jekyll style, group flowers by warm and cool colors and let their boundaries take organic shapes. Her work is known for radiant colour and the big, brush-like strokes her gardens take, so go bold! Keep your walking paths straight or with a gentle slope. Remember the experience of walking through your English garden is just as important as the sweet escape of your Arlington shed.


Going Simple? Use the Arlington to store your outdoor tools and flower bulbs for spring.


Feeling creative? The Arlington can serve as a perfect garden house retreat. Furnish it as you would a sitting room with a comfy chair, throw pillows, and some favorite photos. It’s getting colder out! Bring in a space heater, an electric kettle, a few fancy teacups, and voila! You have a cozy winter getaway to watch the snow fall in perfect English taste.

(Psst! Not feeling the Arlington? Consider the Belmont or Cambridge instead. But hurry, they’re all on sale now!)

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