So you’ve gotten your shed up in its proper place, the hard work is over. Now it’s time to put the shed to good use. You stand back to admire your efforts, and it looks pretty good. But maybe, just maybe, it needs a little something more to really make it feel like it’s yours. The personalization of your shed is how you can truly incorporate the structure into your space and lifestyle.


The Exterior:

If you’re a minimalist, there are a number of simple ways to make your shed your own. Maybe all it takes is a fresh coat of paint or erecting a trellis over the doorway. Perhaps a stone or brick walkway is in order, or you need to add a ramp for accessibility. You may want to go a step further and put up some shutters with matching flowerboxes. Finally, it’s time to consider the bigger additions, like adding a porch, installing new windows or a skylight. Some of these alterations may seem labor intensive but can make a big difference in the aesthetics as well as the functionality and your enjoyment of your structure.


The Interior:

The interior of your shed has truly limitless possibilities, from the complete transformation of the flooring and walls to the addition of electric wiring, to the design choices you’ll make for the layout. Of course, the main importance is to balance the form with the function, which might take some time and experimentation. Creating the perfect space is an evolving process that will grow with you and your ideas.


A few Neat Ways to Customize your Shed Inside and Out:

  • Shiplap walls: beautiful and rustic interior touch that can evoke the feeling of a seaside cottage or mountain cabin.
  • Gravel patio with fire-pit: a great thing about sheds is their close relationship to the outdoors– what better way to bring people together.
  • Creative flooring options: concrete, treated wood and concrete are all typical floor materials if your shed is something other than storage (say an office, studio or guesthouse) you can think about bamboo, cork, hardwood, or natural linoleum.
  • Old salvageable materials: be on the lookout for cool old doors and windows to reclaim and re-purpose. This is a thrifty way to give your shed a unique touch.
  • Rain gutters with rain barrels: good for protecting your shed from excessive rains, and useful to the avid gardener/conservationist.

A careful mix of planning and experimentation will yield great results for the creative shed owner. Give yourself the time to get to know the space and to develop a vision for your perfect shed, and then let yourself go!

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