Shine on Me: Installing Good Lighting

It’s officially December. The short days send pale dawns seeping into quick sunsets after only a few hours of light. For those of us on normal work hours, it can almost seem unfair to get up in the dark only to be plunged into the darkness again on our way home. Thankfully, your shed or garden house can easily convert to a shining refuge through… full article

Running Power

It’s electric! Boogie woogie! But, all old song references aside, having electric power in your shed or garden house is a real essential. You’ll need it to serve as a closer power outlet to the yard for gardening and maintenance. On the inside, it’s great for space heaters, good lighting, and any projects you don’t want to run on battery power alone. (Check out our… full article

The Perfect English Garden, a celebration of Gertrude Jekyll

“The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies.” Gertrude Jekyll, 1843-1942 You may have seen the Google Doodle today (Nov 29, 2017) of Gertrude Jekyll, celebrating what would have been her 174th birthday. According to her Wikipedia page, Jekyll is remembered for “her outstanding designs and subtle, painterly approach to the arrangement of the gardens she created, particularly her ‘hardy flower… full article

7 Essentials Shed Utilities

It’s the dawn of summer, and your projects are calling you! You don’t need to waste time scrambling for tools. Keep these seven essentials handy, and you’ll be ready for whatever summer throws your way. 1.Your Workbench The number one tool you’ll need to get productive in your shed is space to work. It may sound odd, (aren’t sheds for storing your things?) But having… full article

Spring Fresh Shed: Organizing for Spring

We’re on the brink of summer! Flowers are blooming, the air is fresh and clean…but what about that shed? Has your shed turned into a House of Horrors over the long winter months? Not to fear! You can brighten your shed in a one weekend project by following these easy, guide for spring. Soon, your shed will be fresh as a bluebird sky!   Friday… full article

Getting Started with Personalizing Your Shed

So you’ve gotten your shed up in its proper place, the hard work is over. Now it’s time to put the shed to good use. You stand back to admire your efforts, and it looks pretty good. But maybe, just maybe, it needs a little something more to really make it feel like it’s yours. The personalization of your shed is how you can truly… full article

Organize and Personalize - Some “Life-Hacks” For Your Shed

Whether you use your shed for storage, as an office, a guesthouse, a studio space, or children’s playhouse, this list of tips and tricks will help you make the most of your tiny space. We’ll start with a few tried and true answers for keeping and storing your smaller knick-knacks: Glass jars: use this inexpensive and simple solution as a visible way to store your… full article

A first look at the options and factors of a shed purchase

There’s a lot of considerations to be accounted for when choosing your first (or subsequent) shed.  Here we’ll look at a few of the fundamental choices, and legal concerns when buying a shed.    Restrictions and Permits: We’ll start with the least enjoyable aspect of the process…  If you live in an urban or suburban environment, you’ll want to know your town or city policies in… full article

Why you might want a shed...

Depending on your lifestyle, a shed might be a pretty obvious necessity.  Maybe your household also includes a small hobby farm and you need a place for the tractor and tools.  Or you have a large yard to maintain and need the extra space for the mower, the edger, the hedge trimmer, the snow-blower and the host of other items.  It could be that a… full article