Gable Wood Storage Sheds

If you have a need to increase the storage available for home goods, or provide a place for your gardening and landscaping implements, then the Gable Style Wood storage shed will give you exactly what you need. Seventeen available sizes means that you can match a wood storage shed to your needs. You could even setup a home office in the back yard. The shed comes equipped with a double door and optional windows shutters flower boxes and more, allowing you to have at your disposal the building that is perfect for you in every way.
A variety of options are available including windows, flowerboxes, shutters, cupolas, steeples and extra door. Click here to view those options.

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A complete listing with 34 gable wood  sheds sorted by size. From a small 6' x 8' shed to our large 12' x 24! Still have questions. Call us at 1-800-987-4337.


Standard Gable Kits Include:

  • 2' x 4' wood wall framing 16" on center

  • 2' x 4' trusses 24" on center

  • 6' high front and back walls

  • Duratemp siding pre-fastened onto wall panels insuring panels are square

  • Straight trim pre-fastened to panels made of high quality composite material

  • All other parts are pre-cut and ready to assembly


  • 4' double door on 8' wide buildings (48" x 72" opening)

  • 5' double door on 10' and 12' wide buildings (60" x 72" opening)

  • Locking door handle latch

  • High quality composite material corner trim

  • Trim and siding is 98% pre-primed

  • Link to excellent downloadable online manual with color pictures.

  • All hardware needed to assemble your shed

You  Provide:
  • Shingles
  • Drip Edge
  • Floor (if purchased w/o floor)
  • Paint


  • First number of the building size is the truss size (8' x 10' building has trusses 8' wide)

  • There is roughly a 6" to 8" overhang on buildings

  • If you are building your own floor, the floor will need to be the exact size of the shed

  • A crushed stone base is recommended that is 1" wider on either side of the shed

  • A concrete base is not recommended as the siding overlaps the side of the wood floor about 3" and there is no moisture barrier. You can retro fit for this, but instructions are not provided

Panelized Kits:

Shed comes in large panelized sections. Recommended for most users as it is easier to assemble and saves you significant time. Each panel is perfectly square & ready to assemble! All hardware and screws are included.

Pre-Cut Kits:

Shed comes with all wood pre-cut to exact lengths. You must assemble the pieces into sections and then put the sections together. Recommended for experienced users. All hardware and screws are included.

Should I Buy a Floor Kit?
Many of our shed kits have an optional floor kit. Why is it optional? If you are fairly experienced you can save by purchasing the lumber locally, instead of purchasing the floor kit and the cost of shipping lumber which is readily available at your local home improvement center or lumber company. Give us a call if you have further questions.

Shipping Information

Due to the heavy weight, our wood sheds have different shipping costs depending on the area of the US that you live in. Please locate your state and corresponding Shipping Zone that you can use to determine the final delivered price. Example: Arizona (AZ) is in Zone 3; Rhode Island is in Zone 2, etc.


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